Exercises in Estrangement III Mycorrhizia explores the most basic process of interspecies communication: the exchange of molecules between trees and the fungal network that connects their roots. The four musicians send gestural and melodic molecules to each other, receive and transform them in a continual cycle of assimilation and separation. Together, all these musical threads form a living sonic texture, an acoustic rootscape in which we listeners can wander and follow the melodies' ramifications. On a surface that intimately connects the four players - at the same time their costume, a projection surface and the score, spectators can watch the animated fungal filaments grow and wither, see the score's icon molecules make their individual ways and listen to Quasar transforming their messages into music. A haunting music, an elaborate, hour-long comprovisation that makes us sense our interconnectedness with the world.

Performers: Quasar4

Composer: Sandeep Bhagwati

Textile Score Design: Alex Bachmayer

Digital Score Interface: Mike Cassidy

Created in TouchDesigner